CALM All Porsche Trophy & Bernie’s V8s at Brands Hatch, May 2022

Stuary Entwhistle in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo #46 climbing Hailwoods Hill towards Druids during qualifying for the CALM All Porsche Trophy & Bernie’s V8s races, Brands Hatch GP, Saturday the 21st of May 2022, Brands Hatch, Kent, UK.

It was back to Brands Hatch, and the not often used GP loop, a rare treat for the drivers for CALM All Porsche Trophy and Bernie’s V8s on the May weekend of the 21st & 22nd

The weather held, in fact i got burnt again, and with no major incidents, a good time was had by all

The quali session was on the Saturday morning with the races split over the two days

During the Sunday lunch session thare was a public grid walk, followed by a Le Mans style start by Bernie himself and CALMs Sam Callahan on the pole

On the Saturday, my friend James Crow, a huge Porsche nut joined me, and I found time for a cheeky selfie, care of Bernies Chevvy

A few more views of Bernie’s lot

We also spotted this beautiful Ferrari 330 2+2 in the car park (with a rather nice Mercedes AMG GT behind)

The Flickr album of the weekend is up here:

The next round is July 9th at Thruxton

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