The CALM All Porsche Trophy at Thruxton

CALM All Porsche Trophy, Thruxton, the 9th of July 2022

Thruxton, Hampshire was the venue for round three of the CALM ALL Porsche Trophy on July the 9th

I was last here six years ago for a Britcar meeting, and had fond memories

The weather was hot, but with variable light conditions, only noticeable to photographers to be fair

The cars were out for the morning qualification at 9am, so we had a very early start for the 125 mile drive

Also sharing the bill were the British Truck Racing Championship, so the paddock was very busy

Cars number 40 & 41 would have a coming together just before the Club Chicane bringing out a red flag and would not be able to be repaired in time for the race

The race itself was just before lunch, lasting 40 minutes, which seemed to go very quickly

The overall winner was Sam Callahan #44, followed by Rob Hardy #39, and Dan Crego #35

Sam was over the moon with his result!

The round four is at Snetterton in Norfolk, Sunday July the 31st, come and join us

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