RAW file enhance function in Camera Raw (Part two)

This is a follow up to part one after I have had a good chance to look at the new Enhance Function in Adobe’s Camera Raw 13.2

The above image was taken more than 8 years ago with a Canon EOS-1Ds MkII

Its a full frame 16 megapixel sensor paired with a 50 f1.8 standard lens, perhaps a better camera to show how the Enhance Function can work well

The original file would be just under 50mg at 8 bit, using the enhance brings it up to 182mg at 8 bit

The Enhance really does decent job too, just the sort of thing its suited for, its kept a lot of the fine details

The strips above are the image from part one, and have been worked up to be C-Type at 6×4 feet (122x182cm), not an uncommon size we are asked to produce at work, and although hard to see in the camera phone pics, it really is woth going that extra mile to get the better image quality

So overall, while it might seem extreme to some, this function is a very useful and welcome feature, and hopefully in time, will be better intergrated into Camera Raw and Photoshop


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