CALM All Porsche Trophy & Bernie’s V8s @ Brands

So it was back to some more sports car photography on Sunday, this time at Brands Hatch down here in Kent, and on the picturesque Grand Prix loop too

The event was a race featuring the CALM All Porsche Trophy, and Bernie’s V8s together on the same grid, which always makes for an exciting and photogenic spectacle

Obviosly, the CALM All Porsche series is based around Porsches

Bernie’s Sports Racing & V8s is a more mixed affair, all summed up here:

The weather cooperated too, fine during the quali, slight rain during the lunch break, fair during the race, and then a thunderstorm on the drive home

Anyway, back to the racing, here are some views from the assembly

For the race its self, I was at Clearways and Stirlings

Sadly there was a coming together at stirlings, bringing out a Safety Car around 13 laps in, involving three TVRs

The Porsche race would be won By Jonathan Evans in Cayman S #36

He would also win in the following race, the MSVR All-Comers in his BMW M3 GTR #35

My Flickr album is here:

CALM All Porsche Trophy & Bernie

And the race report on the CALM website is here:

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