Goodwood, Friday the 17th 2021

Assembly for Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy
Assembly for Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy

I was at Goodwood to cover the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy for my friend Joe Twyman who was co-driving a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione, one of just 46 ever manufactured, a rare and highly desirable car

The cars owner Mr Vincent Gaye was the other driver, he has the black open face helmet in the images

Joe onboard, with the classic Ecurie Francorchamps livery

The qualifying was at 9:15 am, and good weather for photography, where Vincent & Joe would find themselves a very credible 15th after the timing

Also out was an old friend, Calum Lockie, co-driving 2BBC, a 1961 E-Type Jaguar

The Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy was the first race of the weekend, to be held at 18:15, so I had plenty of time to look around, snap cars, and to catch up and chat with people I hadn’t seen for a few years

And of course, more time to look at 07 its prepping for the race

By 17:00, we were in the assembly area

The race started on time at 18:15, for me as a photographer, the light was challenging, the sun was hidden behind the clouds, great for the drivers of course, not to have a low sun directly in your eyes

I had to push the ISO, and no polarizer either

But in the end, it was all rather academic, as 11 laps in, after around eighteen minutes, Vincent had to retire his car with a mechanical issue

Calum Lockie & his co-driver would also have to retire sadly just a few laps later

I did get my armband signed during the assembly though, by Vincent Gaye, Joe Twyman & Brendon Hartley

My paddock access

And so that was my Goodwood, next up is the Birkett Relay at Silverstone in October

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